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  • 24 x 7, our techs will monitor servers; monitor alerts thereof; our team will login and rectify any issues related to server performance like slow or unresponsive.

  • It is just less than 15 minutes

  • Servers are monitored against various attacks like Brute Force, Ddos or Spam; if any such attack is detected, those originating IPs will be blocked and server defense will be hardened

  • All servers will be updated with regular patches to mitigate security vulnerability

  • Our techs will implement various techniques like changing default ports for various services to unpredictable ones; planning and implementing more secured password policies, etc…

  • Our team will work closely with data center team to reduce the downtime; our team will proactively monitor hard disk health and take actions to avoid any data loss.

  • Our team will monitor for errors like 502, 403, etc; they will fix the causes for such errors; if necessary our team will closely work with your developer team.

  • Our techs will migrate apps and data from server to server or enterprise to server without downtime as much as possible.

  • It it is requested by our clients, we will install SSL Certificates for better security and with better user experience; our team will take care of SSL Certificate renewal; we always suggest our clients for SSL setup.

  • We assess various roles and their access level; plan accordingly and implement User Access Management as per our client’s Policy.

  • Our team monitors various resource utilization by analyzing logs; based on log analysis, our team will improve by various techniques like application fine tuning, DB fine tuning, old log clearing, etc…