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Our History

  • 2008

    A well-informed team specializing in intense scanning of the WordPress vulnerability database, to provide the client information on the vulnerable plug-ins, as part of the plug-in repository to undertake swift adequate measures.


    With a strong foothold already established, we now want to emanate, which is evident in the work produced by our 75+ techies who attend to the demands and inquiries of 100+ clients and work to quickly provide them with appropriate answers.

    We are very proud to report that we oversee around 20,000 servers internationally, and the high level of client satisfaction feeds our passion for providing even greater service. We3Cares' goal is to emphasise the notion that "we care" while removing technology constraints, offering you "100% Real People-0% Canned Responses." Within 30 minutes of your inquiry, 95% of the tickets are resolved!


  • Invading the web hosting market in 2008, We3Cares launched its operations while securing our infrastructure, technical support, and qualified internal staff. We are proportional to mute agents who assist you with uncompromised palpable customer support on web hosting. The team exhibits high proficiency to furnish you with, 24/7 lucid, REAL-TIME support.

    We3Cares engages in the provision of Technical Consulting and Help Services, enabling our clients to obtain first-rate technical support for their IT infrastructure. We are ready to accept any Technical Consulting related to the IT infrastructure, applications, or the current all-encompassing IT industry.

    We are marking our Fourteenth Anniversary this year after achieving global recognition, and we hope to become a well-known company. Because we recognise that current challenges frequently call for modern solutions, our technical professionals are trained to keep up with trends as they relate to the development of cutting-edge technology. We compile all of our support issues, flaws, and remedies and attempt to enhance our output.

    We work hard to achieve our goal of offering you dependable services at a reasonable cost while maintaining complete client satisfaction. We have steadfastly helped over 100 clients, and we want to help you too.

Happy Clients


Hard Workers



Karthik Vijayakumar


Mr. Karthik has more than 18 years of experience in the web hosting sector and has previously held a position with a famous DC. Before obtaining the Directororial post at We3cares, Karthik worked as a Level 3 Administrator in a reputable DC. With a potent combination of skills in addition to actively leading the organisation as a rock-solid pillar, he demonstrates his foothold within the company.

Sabarish Krishnamurthy


Mr. Sabarish has worked for a reputable DC in the past and has 15 years of experience in the web hosting industry. He became interested in the subject during his time in college, which fueled his excitement for Linux. Mr. Sabarish is also a "protech" with extensive knowledge of Linux, networking, security, cPanel/Plesk, and other open source software.