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Welcome to We3cares

Server Management Professional DC Service


Welcome to We3cares

For your server needs, We3Cares takes care of everything. For any of your server support needs, contact.

  • Team Deployment

    Before deploying a team, we will diligently work to understand the demands of the customer and formulate a suitable strategy. The client will be allocated a carefully selected team within 24 hours, and the plans range from $49 to $5,000.

  • Quality Assurance

    To provide continuous and uncompromised service, specialised QA's carefully examine the tickets and conversations the team resolves. They also conduct effective training.

  • Team Building

    In order to help the team achieve client goals, we expertly assemble an effective team and provide ongoing training, encouragement, and support. The team takes on the form of a support team and becomes the client's virtually personalised tool.


Best Services


A skillfully selected staff with over 150 man-years of experience.


Constant customer service through mediation and watchful reciprocation.


Teams of competent individuals that can be altered to meet the needs and expectations of the client.


An on-call requirements symposium results in the assignment of a QA.


services that are always flexible and prioritise the demands of the client.

Cost Effective

several efficient ways to meet changing consumer needs.



Let us manage your servers, Cloud, VPS and other infra; you focus on your business

Response Time (30 - 60 mins Based on Team / Work Flow) 98%
Resolution Time (2 - 6 hours Based on Team / Work Flow) 99%
Chat Support (30 - 90 Sec Based on Team / Work Flow) 99%

Happy Clients


Hard Workers



Karthik Vijayakumar


Mr. Karthik has more than 18 years of experience in the web hosting sector and has previously held a position with a famous DC. Before obtaining the Directororial post at We3cares, Karthik worked as a Level 3 Administrator in a reputable DC. With a potent combination of skills in addition to actively leading the organisation as a rock-solid pillar, he demonstrates his foothold within the company.

Sabarish Krishnamurthy


Mr. Sabarish has worked for a reputable DC in the past and has 15 years of experience in the web hosting industry. He became interested in the subject during his time in college, which fueled his excitement for Linux. Mr. Sabarish is also a "protech" with extensive knowledge of Linux, networking, security, cPanel/Plesk, and other open source software.