We3Cares does everything for your server needs.

Contact for all of your server support.

Team Deployment

We have plans starting from $49 to $5000 and once we understand your requirement, our tech team will work on a perfect team to suit your needs and deploy a team with in 2-24 hours.

Quality Assurance

We have few dedicated QA’s who monitors all the tickets and chatshandled by the team. Quality of the team has been maintained with repeated mentoring and escalating any issues related.

Team Building

Our team building involves various activities like training, motivation, collaboration,support,solution and goal. Once the team is built, they will be virtually your own employees and you will have zero pain towards support team.

Our Benchmark

Workflow Snapshot – September 2017

Response Time (30 - 60 mins Based on Team / Work Flow)   
Resolution Time (2 - 6 hours Based on Team / Work Flow)   
Chat Support (30 - 90 Sec Based on Team / Work Flow)   

Our Best Inclass Team

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    Experienced team with over 100 man years experience & skill set.

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    Quick onboarding & personalised support for your customers.

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    Hire a team based upon your requirements & availability

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    Oncall escalation with the team and QA assigned.

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    Cost Effective

    Pay only for the support package that fits your specific needs.

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    Quickly resilient services to your changing needs

Supported Technologies.