White Label Support

The operations are crystal-clear and easily comprehensible. We administer our activities just like a local technical support team functioning within close proximity of an operating business enterprise.


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Our encryptions (email, chat, phone, help desk support) are impeccable and thus appear as white label. Due to 100% of transparency, we assure our clients that their customers will affirm into submission to the belief that, it is a locally stationed team providing support.


We as an organisation assert the legal pledge that our support channels are wholly transparent and white label. Our clients can customize the ‘identities’ for the technicians basing them in a geographical and ethnic locale of convenience. The techs’ are trained to easily adapt and modify themselves as per client imperativeness and assist customers as local consultants while in reality portraying the role of ServerHealers.

Course of Operation

The customer emails regarding queries and dilemmas will be directed towards the client’s support email ID or the help desk support system operated by the client. A copy of the same query will also be received by the Server Support team. This customisation will be carried out via the automatic email forwarding feature or the help desk network association. Subsequently after careful scrutiny our support techs will resolve the query and respond to the customer via the client’s operating company email/help desk. Agents operating chats with client’s customers are flexible and will use welcome messages of the client’s discretion.

The email style, outline, format or greeting is formulated as per client requirement as the client is our pivotal priority.

Our technicians will respond aptly pertaining to any queries regarding our White Label Support. Feel free to contact us here today!

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