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We build, optimize and manage your cloud

Why you should move to Cloud?

We3cares proudly provides you the full suite of solutions for cloud services as well as we help you to optimise your spend, manage security risks and get the full benefits of Amazon Web Services. It is our mission to empower your team to build great products with 24x7x365 support and access to experienced engineers.

AWS Management

Benefits of Cloud Computing

We3cares directs our clients towards procuring access to cloud which gives enterprise-class technology to all. Firms of every magnitude can emerge in the open market to prove themselves as competent contenders and We3cares will be the classified agents diligently backing them. We master in Amazon Web Services and will optimize the way you spend, manage security risks and benefit manifold from AWS along with navigation by our seasoned engineers.

AWS Management

After helping the client diagnose the vital need to move to cloud, the client shall be able to access a unified user interface, encompassing architecture designing, capacity planning, deploying, automation that facilitates to automate functional tasks across AWS resources.

Affirmed 24*7*365 web support alleviated with top-notch engineers, SLAs, CliffSupport and a labyrinth of unified web user interface we assure you, your ambition will transcend into triumph.


Cloud Migration

We3cares provides our clients with a smooth transition of their existing servers, storage, databases through the network-connected hardware of Amazon Web Services for a hybrid or complete migration.

Monitoring and Audits

We are providing Proactive monitoring to ensure the uptime for the services without any downtime. For smooth AWS ride, we are doing the periodic review of storage volumes, logs/temp files, infrastructure usage, backups &DR etc. Additionally infrastructure monitoring and audits helps to optimize the usage of resources.


Proactive monitoring of networking, databases, storage, analytics -ensures only ‘uptime’ for services with a bid to avoid all ‘downtime’. Through transparent operations, our clients will be able to access vital periodic review data on storage volumes, logs/temp files, infrastructure usage, backups & DR pertaining to client operations.

Cost Savings

The variable expense incurred using Amazon Web Services is generally much lesser contrast to larger economies of scale. Our cloud engineers persevere towards increasing efficiency and reducing infrastructure costs for unmatched innovation.

Effortless Automation

We3cares supervises you to automate operational actions to help make your teams more efficient, apply patches, updates and configurations are our responsibility. The client receives undivided attention to configure their cloud environment to auto-heal and auto-scale applications & stage DR environments.

Ensured Security

The end-to-end trajectory preliminarily ensures, secure and solid infrastructure (physical, operational & software). Our security experts undertake periodic security gap analysis and undertake adequate measures to ensure data safety. There are pre-built (installed) safety controls, constantly monitored by We3cares to smoothly roll out any new operations.