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We build, optimize and manage your cloud

Why you should move to Cloud?

We3cares proudly provides you the full suite of solutions for cloud services as well as we help you to optimise your spend, manage security risks and get the full benefits of Amazon Web Services. It is our mission to empower your team to build great products with 24x7x365 support and access to experienced engineers.

AWS Management

From identifying the need for moving to cloud to architecture designing, capacity planning, deploying, automation and management, we provide a full suite of solutions for Cloud Services.

With 24x7x365 support and access to experienced engineers, and uptime SLAs, CliffSupport multiplies the power of your team so they can focus on your next big project.


Cloud Migration

We provide you assistance to deploy and migrate your existing or new environment into AWS. We will first analyze your current system and suggest you the right migration plan for either hybrid or full migration.

Monitoring and Audits

We are providing Proactive monitoring to ensure the uptime for the services without any downtime. For smooth AWS ride, we are doing the periodic review of storage volumes, logs/temp files, infrastructure usage, backups &DR etc. Additionally infrastructure monitoring and audits helps to optimize the usage of resources.


Our We3cares support will help you to configure your cloud environment to auto-heal and auto-scale applications, stage DR environments. Also, we can make your cloud environment scale up it's resources as per your application needs such as the number of instances, CPU or memory etc.

Cost management

AWS frequently comes out with new tools that can be used to increase efficiency and reduce infrastructure cost. We have a team of experienced cloud engineers who are updated with the latest happenings on a day-to-day basis, who can suggest you with improvisations and optimizations inorder to control your billing cost.

Cost Security

At We3cares, Security is considered and applied at every point of planning and deployment. Our security experts make periodic security gap analysis and act accordingly to ensure your data protection.