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Terms & Conditions
Reselling Our service
We3cares allows reselling of our employees only under a dedicated plan. If you hire a dedicated tech, they are considered to be your employees and you can resell them & reselling is not allowed in any other plan.
We3cares provides dedicated, as well as shared team. Unlike other companies, we allow shared plan customers to interact with our staff & understand about their infra-structure via chat messengers. However, the time taken per chat should be minimal in order to reduce the burden on our staff & improve resolution. Also, we are the only company who assures 20 minutes response time even for a shared team. This ensures that we have enough bench strength in our shared team, therefore snall customers are respected & incubated properly.
Staff Abuse
At We3cares, we treat each & every client as a golden customer with utmost respect. In return, we expect the same from you. As we allow our shared plan customers to interact with the staff via chat, abusing any of our staff by demeaning or chatting with them in rude manner may result in termination of services immediately. You would be issued with a refund for the unused service.
Phone Support
We3cares doesn't offer phone support as of now. However, you will be encouraged to escalate critical issues, complaints to our management team directly via their mobile number during their working hours, when they are available. Please note, you can speak with any of our management staff only & not with the techs directly.