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Frequently Asked Questions
How long you are in business?
We have stepped in to our second year in web hosting with 30+ techs working together to take care of your servers.
Do you accept Linux/Unix/Windows servers too?
Unfortunately, we don't provide support for windows management as of now. We would be competitive to provide support for Linux servers with any OS.
What level of expertise, I can expertise from the techs?
Well, we have techs from Lvl1-Lvl3. Always an Lvl3 tech will be monitoring the work of the Lvl1 techs. We made sure that our shift schedule has one Lvl3 tech available 24 hours for each & every team for escalations.
What are all the control panels, you support?
We support all control panels like cPanel,Plesk, DA etc. Even we have experts in working some non-popular control panels like webmin, helm etc.
What is the response and resolution time for tickets?
We guarantee 30-40 mins of response & maximum of 6 hours of resolution time, if you are in a shared plan. If you hire a dedicated or semi-dedicated team, we afford response time of 20-30 mins & resolution time of maximum 4 hours.
Do you offer server hardening and security service?
Well, this would be first part of entry for each & every client with us.